About Evergreen Dental Co.

Our Mission

A Focus On Education and Care

At Evergreen Dental Co., we aim to cultivate an environment of education as we empower each patient with knowledge about their smile and how it connects to their overall well-being. Whether we are relieving pain or crafting a brand new smile, the Evergreen Dental Co. team makes sure our care changes your life for the better.

An Update on Tradition

The Legacy of Walter G. Howell

Dr. Walter G. Howell began his practice in 1989 with the intention of cultivating a family-oriented, traditional dental practice environment. Throughout the years, Dr. Howell and his team delivered high-quality, personalized care to the community. After retiring in 2021, Dr. Howell decided to pass down the torch to Dr. Jah. Both Dr. Howell and Dr. Jah share the same passion for providing exceptional dentistry with a focus on education so patients can take control of their oral and whole-body health.

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Headshot of Dr. Tariq

Meet Your Dentist

Dr. Tariq Jah

Originally from Prince George's County, Maryland, Dr. Tariq Jah grew up always knowing he wanted to be in the healthcare industry. After observing some surgeries through his mother’s job in administration at a local hospital, Dr. Jah was fascinated but wanted to be able to develop lasting relationships with patients. After a teacher introduced him to dentistry, Dr. Jah got the opportunity to work in a dental office as a sterilization tech while in high school. There, his love for his career in dentistry was born. Dr. Jah later went on to attend the University of Maryland for his Bachelor’s in Cell Biology and Genetics, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Adams School of Dentistry, where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

Dr. Jah’s family is originally from Sierra Leone and has seven siblings, so he understands the importance of a family-oriented environment. When not in the office, he loves trying out local restaurants, hitting the gym before work, traveling, reading, and hanging with his poodle Kobe — a frequent visitor of the Evergreen Dental Co. office!

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The Evergreen Dental Co. Family

Meet Our Team

From the moment you step into our office, the Evergreen team is at your service! With warm welcomes and expert guidance, our crew of talented specialists will provide everything you need for a seamless, memorable experience.









Our Comforting Office

Relax While You Wait

Our office environment is welcoming to all! With a homey atmosphere and soothing music, you can relax while you wait for your appointment to begin. Your comfort and overall experience at Evergreen Dental Co. is one of our top priorities. It’s our goal to make your visit feel more like a calming afternoon at home.

"I love giving patients a reason to smile while focusing on education and comprehensive care."
– Dr. Tariq Jah