Can Myofunctional Therapy Change Your Face Shape?

Myofunctional therapy has recently become popular for people looking to change their facial structure. But does it work? Is it possible to change your face shape using this type of therapy?

In this article, we will explore the concept of myofunctional therapy and its effects on your facial structure. We will also delve into what you need to know before embarking on this journey and how it can help reshape your face if done correctly.

What Is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional therapy is an oral exercise program that helps to retrain the tongue and facial muscles, ultimately improving facial esthetics. When practiced consistently, it can help you achieve a different look.

Myofunctional therapy strengthens the soft tissue (muscles) of your mouth, jaw, and face. It involves specific exercises, including facial reshaping movements like pushups and tongue press-ups. These exercises help tone the muscles in your face, which can lead to noticeable changes such as an increased facial definition or a rounder jawline.

Can Myofunctional Therapy Change Your Face Shape?

If you're wondering if changing your face shape with myofunctional therapy is possible, the answer is yes. While the results won't be as dramatic as plastic surgery, myofunctional therapy can help increase your facial symmetry and create a more balanced look.

Myofunctional therapy works by strengthening and rebalancing certain muscles in your face and neck. By focusing on these specific muscles, such as the masseters or jaw muscles, or the platysma, which controls your neck and shoulder muscles, you can see changes in your face shape over time.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The time it takes to see results from myofunctional therapy depends on the individual and their unique physiology. However, there typically is a noticeable difference after 12 weeks. On average, you can expect to see some changes after two to three months, with more significant changes occurring over six months. However, most people will experience certain changes even after 12 weeks.

It is also worth noting that the effects of myofunctional therapy may be temporary if you don't stick with your treatment routine and maintain good oral hygiene habits. To ensure lasting results, it is important to be consistent with your treatments and follow all your dentist's recommendations.

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