Tooth Bonding: What Is It And Why Is It Necessary?

Chipping a tooth is easier than most people think and it doesn't always involve a blow to the face. You may be sitting on your couch, watching a movie, and eating some nuts or popcorn when you hear a crack. If you also grind your teeth, the chances of chopping a tooth are even higher. 

When that happens, you can easily fix it with tooth bonding

What is tooth bonding? And are dental chips the only problem it can solve? 

What Is Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that you can opt for to fix dental chips, cracks, or even broken teeth. It can also be a great solution for covering gaps between teeth, lengthening the appearance of short teeth, and generally giving you a more even smile. 

Tooth bonding is actually a composite resin that is the same color as your teeth and that is "bonded" to the surface of a tooth to restore its appearance. 

When Is Tooth Bonding Necessary? 

That's for Dr. Tariq Jah to decide if tooth bonding or another cosmetic or restorative procedure may be better suited to restore your oral health. 

In most cases, tooth bonding is recommended for: 

  • Minor Chips and Cracks: If only a small fragment of enamel is chipped or broken, you can easily restore it with a bit of dental bonding. But, if we are talking about a larger chip or even a fallen tooth, you will need another restorative treatment, like a dental crown or an implant. 
  • Uneven Teeth: If your teeth are unevenly spaced or if one is a bit smaller than the other, dental bonding is a quick and easy fix. 
  • Short Teeth: If you're unhappy with the length of your teeth, you can use dental bonding to elongate them and enhance their appearance. 

What Will Happen During Dental Bonding Treatment 

One of the many advantages of dental bonding is that it's quick and minimally invasive. Based on the number of teeth you need to treat, you can be in and out of the dentist's office in about one hour. 

Bonding also requires no tooth preparation, unlike veneers where the dentist needs to remove a bit of enamel for the treatment to be effective. 

Basically, the dentist will prepare a composite resin that matches the color of your teeth. It will apply this mixture to your teeth and mold it to fix whatever problem you are treating. Then, they will harden the resin with a light to make it bond to the surface of the tooth. Lastly, they will polish the bonding to give it a more brilliant appearance. 

How To Tell If Tooth Bonding Is Right for You? 

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